GIS: How to Transform CAD Data in ArcMap to line up with other data


  • Import CAD file polyline and reference file into separate data frames
    • I imagine basemap is not ideal, but then what am I supposed to use?
  • Use draw tool to create a marker at 2 separate reference points of CAD file (as far away from each other as possible, at 1:1 zoom so it’s as accurate as possible)
    • Double-click the marker and get x and y coordinates, copy and paste them into text file
  • Do the same thing for reference file
  • Format text file like:
    • CAD-x1,CAD-y1, REF-x1,REF-y1
    • CAD-x2,CAD-y2, REF-x2,REF-y2
  • Note the comma between x and y, and space between CAD and REF
  • Save file as [cadfilename].wld
    • wld for world
    • File doesn’t have to be in the same directory?
  • Point to file by going to CAD file’s Properties -> Transformations
    • Enable transformations
    • By world file
    • Find world file
  • I guess you can now get rid of other data frames?
  • Also this helps (for me) define what a data frame is

GIS: Which Zone to Use for California State Plane


  • Northern California: Zone 1
  • North Bay: Zone 2
  • Bay Area: Zone 3
  • Central California: Zone 4
  • San Luis Obispo to LA: Zone 5
  • Orange County to San Diego: Zone 6

Excel: 2018

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Changing cell alignment (horizontal)
    • Center: Alt + H + A + C
    • Left: Alt + H + A + L
    • Right: Alt + H + A + R
  • Paste Special (faster)
    • Format Only: Alt + H + V + R
    • Formula Only: Alt + H + V + F
    • Values Only: Alt + H + V + V
  • Paste Special (alternate)
    • Format Only: Alt + E + S + T (then press enter)
    • Formula Only: Alt + E + S + F (then press enter)
    • Values Only: Alt + E + S + V (then press enter)
  •  Selections
    • Shift + Spacebar: Select entire row
  • Repeat action
    • F4
  • Inserting new line in cell
    • Alt + Enter

GIS: Generating civil numbers for center line


  • Select centerline layer
  • Export selection to shapefile
  • Merge shapefile centerline into a single object
  • Split the object at the first even 100 ft civil station tick mark
    • (this will allow us to generate points starting from this position, with even 100 ft intervals)
  • Create point shapefile (in ArcCatalog), set coordinate system and add to map, edit layer (sometimes there is no template when you start editing the layer; if that’s the case, create new template for point layer: template manager -> create new -> select point layer)
  • Select centerline and then go to Editor dropdown -> Construct Points”
    • Note that new points shapefile and line have to be in the same folder
    • Use distance option, every 100 ft or whatever
    • Start point is missing.  To create start point, use “Construct Points” tool again
      • Use distance option, from end of line, total length of line
  • use “create points along line” tool to generate points at 100′ intervals
  • Add fields to point shapefile and calculate field to generate civil station numbers