14-065 1480 64th St Epic Care Oncology Radiation Center

Better late than never with this update…


  • Wrote report.


  • Worked on plot, figures


  • Did displacement analysis after getting JTN_MATH to work.  I still need to update my Excel template.


  • Took more data in the morning.
  • Then analyzed data.
  • JTN also went over how to get displacement from acceleration using his JTN_MATH.
  • I had trouble getting this to work on my computer.
  • I tried to get it to work, but gave up and ultimately went to go work on Envy stuff.


  • Finished analyzing acceleration.
  • Data seemed low.
  • JTN wanted to go back out there to get another freight train.  I am going tomorrow.


  • Dealing with fatigue issues last couple days, so didn’t get much work done.
  • Continued analyzing acceleration data.


  • Analyzed data.  Data seemed a little low.  I had issues with getting lxcrop to work.


  • Site visit.  Measured data at 3 rooms.


  • Received project description.  Packed up gear.

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